images and words Arne Rygg next
In many respects images behave like words and objects. They are parts of social events and institutional processes, and therefore subject to change. Content cannot be isolated or understood independently. Irony is a name for this fact.

Irony therefore, is not something that you use or do not use according to preference. It is a show of attention to time and place, and a sensibility for all that, which words and objects take part in. Someone who says she is ironical then, is not actually using more irony than anyone else, but she is aware that communication is far more than words, pictures and objects; it is tone, events, acts, institutions, traditions and ...

Irony therefore, should be understood as an honest and passionate ethical form of communication. An ironist always looks once more at what was done. She slows down because she is conscious that the employment of objects, pictures and words are always changing. Ironical awareness seems necessary for communication.
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