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DØGNFLUEN or the Mayfly is an alternative artspace for temporary art in Bergen, Norway. It is situated in a private apartment in Nygaardsgaten 70 A , 3th floor. During the period from 28th of April to 2nd of June 2000, the Mayfly will be showing new happenings, performances and stunts every friday. All the art projects have been made both by established and lesser established artists and art students.

On the opening day Friday, 28th of April .19.00 PM, Rita Marhaug will do the performance 13+35. Stine Gonsholt and Marit Wulff Andreassen will present video works and Kerstin Junge will invite the spectators to an interactive installation in the shower/toilet. Occasionally, unannounced stunt works may also happen, since this is also regarded as an important contribution to the fly-life. Please, see the the fly-programme about other coming arrangements from the mayfly.


døgnfluen, midlertidig leilighetsgalleri

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