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After a crowded opening day, Døgnfluen is expecting another Friday evening. On the fifth of May Martin Larsson will present classic, physical entertainment in the living room of Døgnfluen.

The Artificial Truth has chosen the kitchen for the video-onstallation The Artificial Truth.

If you were let in, you would have found Heidi Rødstøls 'furnitures' in the bedroom,..... But you will not, you will be left listening to 'them' from the outside.

Occasionally, unannounced stunt works may also happen, since this is also regarded as an important contribution to the fly-life.

DØGNFLUEN or the Mayfly is an artspace for temporary art in Bergen, Norway. It is situated in a private apartment in Nygaardsgaten 70 A , 3th floor. During the period from 28th of April to 2nd of June 2000, Døgnfluen will be showing new happenings, performances and stunts every friday. All the art projects have been made both by established and lesser established artists and art students.


døgnfluen, midlertidig leilighetsgalleri

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