Døgnfluen, midlertidig leilighetsgalleri the døgnfluen





DØGNFLUEN or the Mayfly is an artspace for temporary art in Bergen, Norway. It is situated in a private apartment in Nygaardsgaten 70 A , 3th floor. During the period from 28th of April to 2nd of June 2000, the Mayfly will be showing new happenings, performances and stunts every friday. All the art projects have been made both by established and lesser established artists and art students.
Please, see the the fly-programme about coming arrangements from the mayfly.

Døgnfluen is a temporary gallery held in a private apartment in Nygårdsgt. 70A. This apartment is located in a building that will be completely renovated. Due to this, all the building's inhabitors has to move out, something that has become a quite common fact for the many bohemian inhabitors in this area called Nedre Nygaard.
Veronica Diesen is one of the building's inhabitants and it is her apartment on 3th floor that will serve as the base for gallery dognfluen during the six weeks it will last.

Døgnfluen is initiated by sci.art, Veronica Diesen, Morten Kvamme and Arne Rygg.
Morten Kvamme and Arne Rygg are students at the Art Academy in Bergen. Veronica Diesen has amongst others experience from the work with the art project rhizome (the Mount Floyen-prosject, 1998) and map (Bergen Fine Art Society, September 1999). She is also the initiator to sci.art office for interdisciplinary artistic research.



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