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Dan Mihaltianu viste videoen "Caviarlink" på Døgnfluens kjøkken.


Alcohology is an artistic project studying the relation between alcohol, culture, mass media, consumption and alienation in the contemporary society. Alcohology assembles all the works from the series Great Distillations with the intention to offer a general overview of the entire process.
Alcohology Center - an archive and documentation center that will open in Bucharest and Berlin in the beginning of 1999. There will be a publication in the form of a CD Rom.
Alcohology Vision - a multi-vision show projecting: films, videos, docu-mentary and advertisement spots for Great Distillations products.
Alcohology Lab - an installation which includes the different sized and shaped copper or glass distillation apparatuses. It also features the accessories, such as glass containers, test tubes, alcoholmeters used inGreat Distillations. The lab will be in use, distilling different essences following the original recipes.
Alcohology Bar - an installation displaying Great Distillation bottles and drinks in a pub specific ambience.
Alcohology Duty Free - an installation in the form of a shop selling all the products of the Great Distillation brand: perfume, liqueurs, pickles, marmelade, postcards, books, tapes etc. The products are art objects; they are not to be injested and bear the label " Not for consumption".
Alcohology Travel - a travel agency specialized in Alcohology Tourism offering information about : Great Distillation Routes, transport, overtnight stays, places to visit, pubs, restaurants and other services.
Alcohology Website - a www.address open to visitors interested in the following files and crosslinks: Alcohology History, Alcohology Arts & Literature, Alcohology Design, Alco-hology Aesthetic, Alcohology Therapy.

Great Distillations is a process-oriented series of work, that takes place in various locations around the world and consists of site-specific installations, actions or interventions. Apart from featuring distillation as artistic media, it uses photographs, films, videos, objects, prints and other media according to the event. Great Distillations finds its topics in personal, political and cultural fields. The distillation process is the motor of the entire project and has a symbolic character. Each work distills the essence of a certain event, story, person or place. The project brings forth a series of multiples developed during the event. Those products are part of the Great Distillations Editions and consist of alcohols, perfumes, objects, books, postcards, photos, audio/video tapes, CDs.
Events: Great Expectations, "Points East" Third Eye Center Glasgow 1990 The Last Days of Van Gogh in Bucharest, Glasgow Sculpture Studios 1990 Official History, "Fontanelle" Kunstspeicher Potsdam 1993 1954, Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin 1994 The Last Days of Michael Jackson in Bucharest, Museum Arad, Romania 1994 Great Expectations, "Imaginary Hotel", IGBK Leipzig 1994 Maskenschnaps, "Rumänische Avantgarde der 90er Jahre", Galerie Epikur, Wuppertal 1994 Die Leiden des jungen Bahnwärter, Bahnwärterhaus Esslingen1995 Jubilee, "Brandenburgische Kunsttage", Drewen 1995 Balt-Orient-Express-Schnaps, "Balt-Orient-Express", IfA-Galerie Berlin, National Museum Bucharest, WUK Vienna 1996 Der blaue Engel, "INTER(n)", Museum Arad, Romania 1996 The Frontiers Tales, "Canterbury Festival", Canterbury 1996 Sweet Child in Time Liqueur, SCCA Bucharest 1996 Fire Water, Art in General New York 1996 Stalin Allee Wodka, Schwarzenberg Berlin 1997 Les Rêvéries du Sado-Végétal, "...In der Zeit" Schloß Plüschow 1997 KulturKonjak, KulturKontakt Wien 1997, Schloß Damtschach 1998 Worpsweder Parfüm, "Andernorts" Große Kunstschau Worpswede 1998


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