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om døgnfluen


Norwegian Spirit
The kitchen is a home and making and drinking tea is the first you do when you come home. I try to cath the Norwegian spirit. What is it that makes houses so cosy and peacefull here? I am walking on the borderline of what is still Art and what is not Art anymore. Food and life are unseperable. For me making my own food means freedom and controll although nature can not be controlled.

The research of my body of work deals with issues of personal and environmental awareness. Some of these issues covered are: Recycling, Collecting, Evolution, Context, Nature, Identity, Communication, Feeling at home ... I am very much busy with Photography (slides), Video, Teksts/writings, Sound, Collecting and I also draw and paint.


Name: Sanne
Last name: Weckx
Place & date of birth: Mol, 25 6 77
Home language: Dutch
Education: Matriculated: 1997 at the Polytechnic Kempen, Department for Social Promotion, 1998 al the Local School for Music, branch of study: Piano, 1999-2000 at the Karel de Grote-Polytechnic Antwerp and Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen, Diploma-Master in the Visual Art 1999, Karel de Grote-Polytechnic Antwerp Acheevements: Awarded several times with a first or second price at drawingcontests as a youngster, Awarded with a golden gouvernmental medal in 1997 at the Muncipal Academy for Music and Word. Performances/exhibitions: Several student recitals and schoolconcerts with piano, Groupexhibition at the library in Balen (1996), Exhibition at the Bernardus Center, Antwerp (1998), Exhibition at Garage in Deinze (1999)


døgnfluen, midlertidig leilighetsgalleri

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